About Us

Our Church

Bible Community Church was originally named Freeport Baptist Church. In  May, 2007, we joined the Southern Baptist Convention which shares our beliefs, to provide us with greater fellowship opportunities and full acces to many ministries. We changed our name because we wanted the people in our community to know you don’t have to be a Baptist to enjoy our ministry.

Music & Worship

One of the primary objectives of BCC is to provide an atmosphere of worship which ministers to our whole church family and exalts the Lord.  Authentic, heartfelt worship is what we seek to encurage through a blend of hymns and praise and worship songs.

Passion for God

BCC is going through many positive changes that we believe help us better serve the Lord and glorify Him.  Everything we do we do throuth prayer because we strive to be a God-led church that does His will and not man’s. God has challenged us to raise the bar of our commitment in order to fulfill what God wants to do through us.  We believe that whatever is done for God’s glory begins with a passion for Him. All that we are and all we do begins with a passion for God and for His will to be done ghrough us.

Passion for God’s Word

As our name indicates, we are striving to a Bible led community of believers who are striving to live God’s Word.  Without a passion for God’s Word we believe you cannot have a passion for God.  Many claim to love their personal view of God, buat to love the God of the Word you must love His Word.  His Word presents who He really is and how He really works.  God has revealed Himself and His will primarily through His Word.  We are committed to teaching the whole counsel of God’s Word in a day God’s Word is being taken lightly.  Our objective is to develop Christians to full maturity in the Lord by learning to live His Word.

Passion for Prayer

To fully carry out all of what God has called us to do, we must have a passion for prayer.  We work at developing a strong prayer life, both in our personal lives and corporately.  We strive to make prayer a vital part of everything we do.  We believe as we give ourselves to faithful, Spirit-empowered prayer, God will do great and mighty things in our midst.

Passion for the Lost

Having a passion for God naturally results in a passion for those who need Christ.  Christ died to save all of us, so we are committed to striving to reach everyone with the saving Gospel.  We seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in using whatever means He has equipped us to bring others to Christ.  Proclaiming the Gospel and developing fully devoted followers of Christ is what we’ve been called to do.

Come Join Us!

We are very excited about what God is doing in our church today and hope you will join us.  We believe our best days are still ahead and hope you will be a part of them.


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