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Reformers Unanimous is a faith based, Bible centered recovery program for all types of addiction, anger, depression, family problems and spirtiual struggles. This powerful discipleship program has proven to be the most effective recovery program in changing lives as people learn to live God’s Word instead of just knowing about God’s Word.

Our RU family, as we call it, meets every Friday, from 7:00 – 9:30PM at Bible Community Church. People from our community and other churches join us as we learn to live God’s Word and rebuild our lives by breaking free from whatever addictions or fleshly habits we’re struggling with.

RU is not another 12-step program, but is based on incorporating Ten Biblical Principles into your life and developing a life-changing walk with God. RU isn’t about breaking one addiction and moving on to another addiction, it’s about breaking addiciton.

When you work the RU Program you grow into the person God has designed you to be. You experience true freedom, joy, and a peace that you’ll never want to lose. It’s not about learning to survive another day, it’s about heart change.

More information & transportation are available if you call us at (815)238-0596.



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